Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Course for 40 days and Workshop and Project writing

Course for 40 days and Workshop and Project writing

Eligibility for the Application

·         Comprehension and reading skill in English

·         Education: Graduation, teaching skill /t teacher, special Educator, Artist: Painter, students of psychology / social science / human development

·         Having good skill to work with children / young adults / senior citizens

·         Applicant must have good understanding / idea of ‘pathology’ of illness s/he will be working with

·         Inclination or strong passion for the various art forms: drama, communication, story- telling, music or any other forms of art; this is not mandatory but the taste a student must have

·         Have inclination to work with the people / child who are really in emotional distress

Duration of the Course:

·         For regular students :

o    Twice in a day for 40-Day

o    Theory and practical both will be organized at the same time

o    Life study 

o    Writing of case studies in the form of Project

·         For distance students:

o    Theory paper will be delivered after deposition of fees along with the submission of the form

o    For practical classes students need to attend classes at the site for 10 days as a whole by making their own arrangement.

Course Fees:

·         For regular students: Rs 20, 000/- including material charges and kit

·         For distance students: Rs 22,000/-

·         The fees is only taken by RTGS or  NEFT, for local candidates by cheque or cash only

Course Dates:

·       You may apply any time

Course Foundation

ATM – a program of Mind’s Eye is for the interested people who want to use ART as a Therapeutic for the healing of psychic and soul; as the person who needs the continuous curative program for this usual well being of emotion ATM will become a great help for them as in the entire process ATM facilitates people to have relaxation between two prearranged program that would eventually help to come out from catastrophe / predicament zone / conflicting situation-ATM acts as the way in finding out most conflicting / mind-numbing situation motivating and bright so that anyone who once to gets the chance to be in the whole course of action can recur it without being bias making present blissful and worthy.

To bring comprehensive arts in healing program within the framework of working with youth and children and senior citizens at risks systematically allows practitioners to bloom and to develop into indigenous practices.

Course Design: Syllabus: 600

Psychological part: Marks: 100

·         Child Counselling including special child and parenting

·         Adolescent Counselling and self-tutoring motivation

·         Mid life conflict

·         Being aged and facing the old age catastrophe: how to combat with loneliness and

feeling of being left out by close one

·         PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

·         Know about Behaviour Therapy and Behaviour Modification(BM): the concept of

·         Relaxation Technique

·         Psychopathology and use of Art Therapy

Assessment part: Marks; 100

·         Scribble and Scratches drawn by child

·         DAP

·         House-Tree /Picture analysis( from Graphological  concept)

·         Concept  of colour and analysis

·         Therapeutic aspect

Art as a Therapeutic: Marks: 100

·         Patten and suitability

·         Painting and colour decision

·         Communication: helping to become assertive

·         Movement as a therapeutic

·         Drama: Communication or Movement Drama

·         Design: Jewellery making / craft products / skill development program for better motor movement towards IGP( Income Generation Program)

·         Etc. depending on demand: Gardening / Cooking spl. non-fire cooking / Food Garnishing / Home Décor

Project: Marks 150

·          4-case studies( Direct Clients’ Contact)

·         Project Documentation

·         Mentoring process by Art Therapy( Direct Clients’ Contact)

·         Workshop Report

·         Research Report including your findings

Assessment: Marks: 150

·          From daily Reponses, clients meeting, crisis evaluation, remedial exploration, project writing, active participation in workshop/mentoring process

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