Child and Parents Counselling

Child and Parents Counselling

Course for 20 days and Workshop and Project writing

Eligibility for the Application

·         Comprehension and reading skill in English

·         Education: Graduation, teaching skill /t teacher, special Educator, Artist: Painter, students of psychology / social science / human development

·         Having good skill to work with children / young adults / senior citizens

·         Have inclination to work with the people / child who are really in emotional distress

Child Counselling: 100(6-Class)

·         Child Development

·         Child and Disability

·         Know about Behaviour Therapy and Behaviour Modification(BM): the concept of

Relaxation Technique

·         Use  of Art as a Therapeutic Measure

Parents Training: 100(6-Class)

·         Parents and Relationship of parents

·         Parenting style

·         Process of Learning of Child

·         Clinical Condition

·         Right Peg into Right Hole

·         Intervention in Learning Disabilities

Assessment: 100(6-Class)

·         Scribble and Scratches drawn by child

·         DAP

·         Concept  of colour and analysis

·         Therapeutic aspect

Case Studies and Project: 200(Discussion and writing)

·         4-case studies( Direct Clients’ Contact)

·         Project Documentation

·         Mentoring process by Art Therapy including BM( Direct Clients’ Contact)

·         Workshop Report

·         Research Report including your findings and submission

Examination and Certificate

Course Fees: 16, 000/-

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