Handwriting analysis and Grapho therapy

Handwriting analysis and Grapho-therapy

Know Graphology: 20days and Workshop and Project writing

Eligibility for the Application

·         Comprehension and reading skill in English

·         Education: Graduation, teaching skill /teacher, special Educator, Artist: Painter, students of psychology / social science / human development

·         Introduction of Graphology

·         Relation with Psychology

·         Projective Test

·         Left Margin

·         Shank and ante-Shank, shark “S”,

·         Guilt, manipulation, Claws,

·         Pastocity

·         Workshop

·         Right Margin

·         Base Line

Link with Psychology

·         Letters M,N,O,P,Q,.R,S,U,V.X,Y,Z

·         Capital letters

·         Size , Shape and space

·         Slant

Link with Psychology

·         Signature and Workshop
·         Letters( A, B,C, D, E, F, G, H,  J, K, L)

·         Concept of Rhythm

Linking  and starting of Workshop

·         Compatibility and Workshop
·         Zones-UZ/MZ/LZ

·         Zones-( Length, Loop, Retraced and print Scrip)

·         Connection


Completion of Course and practice session, case studies( 4= submission as a Project) and Exam

20 workshops( Free) and a project

·         Pressure

·         Letters( T, I)

·         Starting Strokes and End Strokes

Course Fees Rs 16,000/-

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