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Therapeutic Healing
Understanding Us What is Therapeutic Healing


What is Therapeutic Healing

Healing can be understood as a quest for ‘wholeness’, which in turn can imply a fragmented self/body that can be ‘put together again’, with disparate elements somehow reformed to constitute a representation of ( ‘healthy’, whole body) an entity that had a previous existence.  ‘Wholeness’ as discussed is defined as an integration of body, mind and spirit rather than a reconstitution of a former (illusory) entity (Wight 2012). Healing is not necessarily cure rather healing is understood as alleviation, a possible reduction in the severity of symptoms, an improvement in the quality of life “despite disease” (Glannon 2004, 72). The entire process embarks upon a journey of self-development, self-discovery, learning, and healing. So the whole healing process is also termed as the Therapeutic or Curative Healing.

The Stress Relief on the basis of Relaxation Program is a new kind of healing in a new branch of medicine known as behavioral medicine, which believes that mental and emotional factors, the ways in which we think and behave, can have a significant effect, for better or worse, on our physical health and on our capacity to recover from illness and injury.

What they learn in the Stress Relief on the basis of Relaxation Program is the how of taking care of themselves, not as a replacement for their medical treatment but as a vitally important complement to it.