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Understanding Us Therapeutic Healing application


Therapeutic Healing application

We use Art, Movement, Music and Mindfulness as the medium of Therapeutic Healing.

Art as a therapy is generally used as a treatment for something usually as a way to improve one’s emotional state or mental well-being. Expressive art therapy doesn’t have to be used only as a treatment though. It can be used to relieve stress or tension, or it can be used as a mode of self-discovery.

Art therapy is the purposeful use of visual arts materials and media in intervention, counseling, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation.

Music Therapy is the systematic and intentional use of drama or theater processes, products and associations to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional and physical integration, and personal growth. Its active approach that helps the client till his or her story to solve a problem, achieves catharsis, extended the depth and breadth of his or her inner experience. One can use music as a therapeutic either by singing a song, or listening to any music (instrumental or vocal) and be with the flow of it as it helps the person to be with the tune.

Dance Movement Therapy is the use of expressive movement and dance as a vehicle through which an individual can engage in the process of personal integration and growth-there is a relationship between motion and emotion, by exploring a more varied vocabulary of movement, people experience the possibility of becoming more securely balanced yet increasingly spontaneous and adaptable; it creates a holding environment in which such feelings can be safely expressed, acknowledged and communicated.

 Mindfulness is moment-to-moment awareness. It is cultivated by purposefully paying attention to things we ordinarily never give a moment’s thought to. It is a systematic approach to developing new kinds of control and wisdom in our lives, based on our inner capacities for relaxation, paying attention, awareness, and insight.




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